Beyond, 2021!

We welcome our new Pastors Mark and Teresa Olson, and we welcome you to Lighthouse Church Litchfield. We believe God brought them here to take our church, beyond all expectation, to a whole new level this year.

Their ministry has been marked by passionate worship that isn’t a list of songs to get through, and inspired preaching that takes you deeper into the Word. We see their hearts desire is to bless the Lord, bless the Church, and bless the world.

Thank you for checking out the The Lighthouse Church. We invite you to 2 occasions every week that will inspire, motivate, restore and help you. Sundays at 10 AM – Worship and the Word.  We have an intimate sanctuary seating about 100 that has safe and comfortable spacing – and please feel free to dress comfortable. Also Wednesdays at 6:30 PM – A vital midweek service – 1 hour of prayer, worship and communion. We look forward to adding Family Ministries early in 2021. Join us in person or online at Facebook Live – @AGLighthouseChurch

“You are a blessing! And I know God has an amazing plan for you                                                                               to be BEYOND blessed this year. I believe this church is the place                                                                             for you and I want to invite you on this journey to grow with us. 

I hope to see you soon!”

Your Servant,

Pastor Mark 

Church Address: 28164 MN Hwy. 22 N. * Litchfield, MN 55355

Phone: 612.202.2572